Tim McrGraw - Two Lanes of Freedom

Tim McGraw's latest album

I'm not a groupie of Tim McGraw or even ever considered myself a Country Music fan. But I discovered I actually quite enjoy Country Music, while I was searching some topics to do a
review about. I came across the name "Tim McGraw" and I remembered that I used to listen to a song by "Nelly" which featured "Tim McGraw".

I always thought that I didn't like country music. Then I saw the name Tim McGraw, and said to myself: "Hey,
don't I know that name from somewhere?" Four hours later, it hit me. A very long time ago I used to play a certain song over and over again, haha. That certain song was from the rapper "Nelly", the title of the song was "Over and over" (explains why I made myself LOL earlier), here comes the best part...

Xbox One All Confirmed Games

Xbox One all confirmed games list

Sorry for being late with the list for Xbox One confirmed games. But I promised to post it today, so I will. Excuse the lack of all the details, I will keep working on these posts. But for now a simple list will have to do. 
Microsoft's Xbox One has a great number of platform exclusive titles and, starting from November, approximately fifty, and counting, multiplatform titles will be released for Xbox One. There are the highly anticipated titles and the semi-exclusive big-shot titles. With semi-exclusive I mean

PlayStation 4 All Confirmed Games

PlayStation 4 all confirmed games list

As promised I will be covering all confirmed games I can gather on the web for you and compile them in a list. For now it will be a simple list, but it will get better with much more details too. Please let me know if you think it's a good idea to add release dates, developers and publishers of each title. +Sony PlayStation 4 will be getting a great number of

PlayStation 4 Exclusives

PlayStation 4 exclusive games launching with the console

Logo of PlayStation 4 simple with black background
In the previous post I covered the list for Xbox One. Now we're gonna talk +Sony, yeah that's right! It's PlayStation 4's turn for the exclusive launch games. As I did with the list for Xbox One, I will not be adding games that will be released for PC too, those will be listed in

Xbox One Exclusives

Xbox One exclusive games launching with the console.

Logo of Xbox One with Original green colors
The games that are available for consoles often play huge roles in making the decision for which console to purchase
What games will be launching together with the consoles? What are the console exclusive games? Are there good (exclusive) games coming up for the +Xbox One? These are

Techie or not, you will enjoy this! The Internship Review

The Internship (2013)

I recently watched The Internship and I really enjoyed this movie. Before watching the movie, I read up on a couple of reviews. Surprisingly the majority of the critics review are very negative. Luckily enough I never take review so serious that it stops me from watching the movie. If the plot really isn't something I think I would enjoy, well then that's a different story.

The story is about two friends, who are in their 40-something, who

New: Bridesmaids Review

UPDATE: New movie review added!

Bridesmaids Movie Review

This is the first movie review I did, I hope you enjoy it. And most important of all, be of use to you. Well there is not very much to say without revealing the contents of the review itself. Just go ahead and give it a read. As always you're welcome to give your comments, ideas, remarks etc right here below in the appropiate section.

For all the Reggae Lovers and Bob Marley fans!

For all the +Reggae lovers and Bob Marley fans out there. Check this post about them. Also a great way to find cheap posters and apparel and much more. What are you waiting for? Go check it out already! 

Blog Split

Dear readers, I decided to split the main blog into more specific blogs. One concerning technology; think Android, Smartphones, Product Reviews, Software updates, Apps in other words everything tech will be posted on The Tech Guy Blog.
And this blog, as the name indicates, will be everything entertainment; think Movies, Music, Reviews, TV Series and things like that! Sorry if it is inconvenient. But I think it is better to focus on one topic at a time.