Xbox One Exclusives

Xbox One exclusive games launching with the console.

Logo of Xbox One with Original green colors
The games that are available for consoles often play huge roles in making the decision for which console to purchase
What games will be launching together with the consoles? What are the console exclusive games? Are there good (exclusive) games coming up for the +Xbox One? These are
some questions of great importance for many people. So I decided to answer as many of these kind of questions as possible. 
In this post I will be covering the exclusive launch game titles. Don't get me wrong there are games that can be called exclusive, but will also appear on PC. For example, Titanfall will be available for PC, but is currently not being made for any Sony platform. Therefor I decided to not put these games in the console exclusive list. They will be listed in the confirmed games list. 

Let's start with the +Microsoft's Xbox One exclusive games launching with the console. The list for PlayStation 4 exclusive launch games can be found here.


Capybara - Microsoft Studios - TBA
Below is inspired by roguelike games and is a game of exploration. Players have use their skills to survive, explore, learn and combat. Delving deeper and deeper into vast unknown.
There is no text, dialog or hints in the game, it is all about mood, atmosphere, soul and, yes you guessed it, skill.
You are a small character who finds himself in giant world. Almost unending even. You have very direct one-to-one relationship with the character. If that isn't enough you are also small and weak. And when I say small, I mean small. People playing on a big HD screen will have to look very good to see the character. The game's design approach is not what you are used to. This unique approach can either piss you of or make you fall in love with it. It's all up to you.

Crimson Dragon

Grounding Inc., Land Ho! - Microsoft Studios - TBA
"Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction on a colonized planet ruled by dragons". I think that's pretty clear isn't it? The Xbox 360 Kinect Shooter is now reborn, and available on Xbox One as an exclusive title. This is a thrilling flight-based shooter. You are on you dragon and battle for control of the sky. It's not a groundbreaking next-gen, in any way actually, but it still is a ton of fun. Do not expect some kind of life changing experience, but it's still good for those rainy, cold Sundays afternoons. Grab a hot cocoa and battle away on your dragon!

This post will be updated, but I want to finish a couple more posts so I decided to give you at least a short list. Details will follow, I promise. 

  • Dead Rising 3
  • D4
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved
  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Halo
  • Killer Instinct
  • Kinect Sports Rivals
  • LocoCycle
  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
  • Quantum Break
  • Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Zoo Tycoon

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