Techie or not, you will enjoy this! The Internship Review

The Internship (2013)

I recently watched The Internship and I really enjoyed this movie. Before watching the movie, I read up on a couple of reviews. Surprisingly the majority of the critics review are very negative. Luckily enough I never take review so serious that it stops me from watching the movie. If the plot really isn't something I think I would enjoy, well then that's a different story.

The story is about two friends, who are in their 40-something, who
lose their jobs. They were wristwatch salesmen. The company folded because, who wears wristwatches these days? Actually I do, but you know just go with it. Billy McMahon played by Vince Vaughn and his friend Nick Campbell played by Owen Wilson are just two men drifting around in this big world we live in. What will become of them now? They don't give up, and start looking for other jobs. Nick accepted a job in a Bed and Matress store, here he can at least put his sales skills at use. That was the thought behind it anyway. Billy didn't want to give and just take on any job. He gave the internet a shot and spent a whole night Googling "jobs for people with no skills". This is how he stumbled upon Google's competitive internship program and signed his buddy and himself up.

It all starts with one of my favorite scenes, the interview with "the Google people". This is so funny and well done, by both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It becomes painfully clear that both Nick and Billy are technical incompetent. How you ask? Well picture two 40-something men batting children away in the library to use the public computer for a job interview. Pressing their faces together and shouting directly at the webcam, even though the people interviewing these two said that they can hear them perfectly well and that there is no need to shout.

These two are so out of place at Google, it's almost embarrassing to watch. And at the same time hilarious! 

Get a good taste about The Internship and read my (short) product review. Watch trailers and a couple of my favorite scenes. You will most definitely enjoy this. It's worth a shot! Visit:

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