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PlayStation 4 exclusive games launching with the console

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In the previous post I covered the list for Xbox One. Now we're gonna talk +Sony, yeah that's right! It's PlayStation 4's turn for the exclusive launch games. As I did with the list for Xbox One, I will not be adding games that will be released for PC too, those will be listed in
the confirmed games list. Even if it is not releasing on Xbox One. I will be posting a list for all confirmed games for PlayStation 4 soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile if you're still debating whether to get PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, this review will help for sure! Don't forget to vote in the poll please, and as always don't be afraid to leave a comment behind.

Well let's proceed with Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive launch games list. Please keep in mind that there will be coming a few indie titles on the PlayStation Network, which are not exspensive, but I will not be listing them as a console exclusive launch title, sorry. Got a drink? Sit tight, here we go. BTW if you're looking for Xbox One's exclusive launch game list you can find is here.

Basement Crawl

iFun4all - Blooper Team - Q4 2013
Basement Crawl is a very creepy game. I mean just look at the picture. See what I mean?
Basement Crawl offers challenging environments and also has competitive maze-based multiplayer mode. You will be compete against others in the game, when online there are up to eight players and up to four if playing local. You are placed in a grid based areas as you lay traps, explosives and what not, as fast as you can to hinder the other players. There are four classes to choose from. Each offering different unique skills as bombs, power-ups and things like that.


Evolution Studios - SCEA - Q1 2014
From the developer Evolution Studios comes Driveclub. "A next generation, socially connected racing game that captures the heart and soul of car culture and the passion it creates". Driveclub was meant to be a NFS: Rivals competitor, just like MotoStorm did in it's time. The launch date for Driveclub has been pushed back to somewhere in the Spring of 2014. Updates will follow.

Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch - SCEA - 03/21/2014
A new hero (or is it anti-hero) gains amazing powers in this new chapter in the action franchise Infamous by Sucker Punch. The game is set in Seattle, Washington. Which is under DUP jurisdiction.
You play as Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old artist, graffiti artist who has no actual real life direction. Having witnessed a bus crash Delsin tries to help, while trying to help Delsin comes in contact with a Conduit. And his own hidden Conduit powers are awaken.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerilla Games - SCEA - 11/12/2013
"Thirty years after the events of Killzone®3, the world is a very different place; two rival factions known as the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city".
Set in the near future, the world is almost unrecognizable. The events in the previous Killzone have changed skylines forever. The two rival factions the Helghast and the Vektans live side-by-side in this futuristic city. The city is divided by vast wall. You will be facing events that could devestate your home world, adapting and thinking on your feet will be required from you. As you en devour in challenging and escalating events.


SCE Japan Studio - SCEA - 11/12/2013
Knack is one of Sony's Japan branch games, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studios devloped this game in collaboration with the famed game designer Mark Cerny. Knack offers stunning graphics, Sony states, a  two-player coop mode which can be activated anytime with the drop in/drop out option.
Knack is also cross-compatible with the Knack Mobile App; Knack Quest. It's not a system-seller but it still is tons of fun. The cut scenes are a example of the power the PS4 houses.

The Order: 1886

Ready At Dawn Studios - SCE - TBA
Set in London in the Victorian-Era but it's not the history we know.
The game has a unique vision of Victorian London.
Mankind uses advanced technology for the war with an ancient foe. A powerful one at that. Myths and technology co-exist in this unique world created by Ready At Dawn Studios.
You play a member of an elite order of knights who are fighting in the centuries-old war. This war wil determine the course of history forever.

Secret Ponchos

Switchblade Monkey - Q1 2014
Secret Ponchos takes place in a dramatic Wild West setting. One full of tension, style and attitude. In this Wild West setting there is a town crawling with outlaws, murderers and bounty hunters. You play, of course, an outlaw with a bounty on his head (not literally, they didn't put a bounty bar on his head) who's being targeted by everyone.
It's a downloadable competitive twin-stick shooter focusing on skill-based combat and uniquely-abled characters. You create and customize you own outlaw before engaging in one-on-one duels, western gang fight-style. Or choose the Free-for-All mode. Earn reputation points to upgrade your outlaw. 

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