Tim McrGraw - Two Lanes of Freedom

Tim McGraw's latest album

I'm not a groupie of Tim McGraw or even ever considered myself a Country Music fan. But I discovered I actually quite enjoy Country Music, while I was searching some topics to do a
review about. I came across the name "Tim McGraw" and I remembered that I used to listen to a song by "Nelly" which featured "Tim McGraw".

I always thought that I didn't like country music. Then I saw the name Tim McGraw, and said to myself: "Hey,
don't I know that name from somewhere?" Four hours later, it hit me. A very long time ago I used to play a certain song over and over again, haha. That certain song was from the rapper "Nelly", the title of the song was "Over and over" (explains why I made myself LOL earlier), here comes the best part...

I hope you guys enjoy the review I wrote, I'm still new at this so go easy. For those who already were a big fan of Country Music of even just "Tim McGraw" himself and are just surfing around, give these try. That is if you don't already own them.

Two Lanes Of Freedom [Accelerated Deluxe Edition]
Tim McGraw
Different formats available!

Track Listings

1. Two Lanes of Freedom
2. One of Those Nights
3. Friend of a Friend
4. Southern Girl
5. Truck Yeah
6. Nashville Without You
7. Book of John
8. Annie I Owe You A Dance
9. Mexicoma
10. Number 37405
11. It's Your World
12. Tinted Windows
13. Highway Don't Care (featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban on guitar)
14. Truck Yeah LIVE
15. Let Me Love It Out of You

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